The Company

Founded in Brazil in August 2011, the ECO Restauradora was a related company with US outperforms Business Corporation.

With the mission to bring vapor abrasive blasting technology to preserve the environment, the ER company, since 2011, brought 100% of the industrialization process in Brazil of its blasting equipment for surface cleaning, and it is providing knowledge, advice, support and investment facility to insert technology for its customers.


The ER has areas of professional:
  • Electronic Engineering;
  • Civil Engineering;
  • Computer Engineering;
  • Technology;
  • Occupational safety expert;
  • Specialists in work organization;
  • In addition to professionals from other areas of the company.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Commitment of "Satisfaction Guaranteed" is a premise of ECO RESTAURADORA company which composes the contract of sale or lease of vapor abrasive blasting equipment.

The ER keeps the North American model of care for warranty and quality of its products and services.

Our Policy

The EcoRestauradora, working in the manufacturing sector of wet abrasive blasting equipment and services, has as principles:
  • Meet the expectations and needs of its customers, generating adequate return to its shareholders and employees, with sustainable performance in safety and environment for all persons and entities that affect or are affected by the activity of the company;
  •  Seek continual improvement of its processes and services, improving the company's operations and meeting all requirements, through training and development of its workforce;
  •  Provide the necessary resources to prevent occupational injuries and diseases, thereby preventing fatalities and environmental impacts;
  • Search customer satisfaction through the efficiency of its management and the ability to deliver goods and services as contracted and quality.


Developing technologies to preserve the environment through innovative, quality solutions in a cost effective and sustainable manner.


Being the largest and most profitable company of wet abrasive blasting equipment in the world and be recognized by about practices to people, product quality services and respect and protect the environment.


  • Respect for People;
  • Social responsability;
  • Environmental responsibility;
  • Leadership;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Quality;
  • Passion for what you do;
  • Ethic;
  • Expert care.