Apresentação e Utilização da ELS 200

Performance Yield up to 3 times greater than conventional processes.
Buyer's Responsibility • Supply line or air compressor with a pressure between 6 and 10 bar, with a flow rate up to 200 PCM for ELS200 and up to 300 PCM for ELS400;
• Abrasive for sandblasting;
• Water.
Roughness Our surface cleaning system allows the desired surface roughness between 0 and 240μm. For a reference, the brazilian fuel company Petrobrás sets in their own standard (N9) that the Roughness Profile of the surface should be between 50μm and 100μm.
Payment Conditions • Direct sales;
• Rental with purchase option;
• BNDES Card.
Delivery Time Less than 60 days, upon availability.
Warranty 12 months from the date of delivery of technical equipment / startup.
Maintenance Modular equipment with easy parts replacement. Equipment made in stainless steel, designed for long life in rough conditions. All spare parts can be bought separately.
Dimensions of equipment Width: 0,95m - Length: 1,15m - Height: 1.30m
Weight of equipment NO LOAD: ELS 200 (250Kg) | ELS 400 (300Kg)
LOAD: ELS200 (510Kg) | ELS400 (560kg)

ELS 200 Datasheet
Download the data sheet of the ELS200 in PDF format

ELS 400 Datasheet
Download the data sheet of the ELS400 in PDF format

EcoRestauradora vs Dry Sandblasting

Source:Productivity: Technical Catalog and Zyrtec A. - Economics, media use and speed of deployment: EcoRestauradora, Roughness: technical catalog grit Tupi and ER

Data (average productivity, cost, media consumption, maximum roughness and speed of deployment).


  • Mobile Equipment;
  • Enables reuse of grit;
  • Plug and Play system (install and use);
  • It does not require fixedfacilities;
  • Ecological;
  • Durable with low maintenance;
  • It does not generate dust;
  • Increased durability of the blasting hose and nozzle.
  • Preparation time reduction of parts due to increased production;
  • Increased lifespan of the treated parts (surface roughness and paint adhesion);